Greek Sheepskin Vest

The Greek shepherds know how to do their job, after all, they have been doing it for generations. They also know the most comfortable and warm vest to wear on their trips to the mountainside. The sheepskin is warm and soft. And stands out in the crowd. Arms free! Those cowboys and auto mechanics in North Dakota have long worn vests to keep their arms free. Well, neurotic city types who have claustrophobic fits in winter clothing or chill easily in the fall and spring also like to have our arms free. I still remember my mother bundling me up to the point where I couldn't move and longed to get somewhere, anywhere warm and struggle out of the restricting coat. Well, no more. The vest keeps us from disrobing in public places. The Greek Sheepskin vest is simply the most comfortable, warmest, and classiest of all the vests we've seen or worn.

For men and women, $325.00  

Gene's Greek Dream

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