Kung fu tai chi shoes

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Shoe: Adults and Children

The Kung Fu style shoes are soft, flexible and made for freedom of movement needed for martial arts and tai chi. They adorn the feet of countless action stars, martial art and tai chi instructors and enthusiasts, dancers, and many passerbys in chinatown. My own pair never collects dust in the closet.  The Kung-Fu style has the same cotton construction as our lite MaryJanes, just without the strap.

  • Rubber Soles are recommended for everyday wear and outdoor tai chi and martial art practice.
  • Cloth Soles are for indoor use, but have an advantage when practicing sliding or pivoting foot movements on hard floor for dancing or martial arts.

Children's Sizes, Rubber Sole $9.00

Adult Sizes, Rubber Sole $12.00, Size

Adult Sizes,Cloth Sole $18.00, Size

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