Russian Glass Eggs

When Revolution strikes it wipes away all and everything that reminds of an old culture. When it matures it sorts through the "old rubbish" and places it in the Museum. When it dies the new generation rediscovers the country's cultural history and gets inspired to re-learn the old skills to re-celebrate what laid forgotten on the dusty museum shelves. Faberge eggs have been considered "a bourgeoisie chic", "a national treasure", and finally inspiration to the young St. Petersburg artist to recreate the art of cut crystal and gold leaf plating and pay their tribute to the history of the Romanovs dynasty ruling Russia for over 300 years of its history. Our Faberge inspired eggs carry the beautiful monograms of Tsar Nicolas and a double headed eagle of the Russian Empire.

Measures 4 Made in St. Petersburg, Russia, of crystal glass.
The design is achieved by cut relief and 24 carat gold plating.

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