Adel Ghabour Papyrus

papirus.jpg (170395 bytes) The Egyptian art of painting on papyrus is centuries old. Although these papyrus paintings are new, they have the same chemical and physical properties of ancient Egyptian papyrus. The papyrus is cultivated on the Adel Ghabour farm and the paper is carefully made to duplicate the fiber construction used in ancient production. The horizontal and vertical lines created by the legenic cells give it the ability to be rolled in addition to extending the life of the paper. It can be painted on with water color, oil ,or charcoal. The production and quality is overseen by artists who have a special interest in maintaining the integrity of the craft.  The design on this page is the Udjat Eye.

Nefertari and Isis
The Creation Scene
Coronation of Queen Nefertari
Ramses II Chariot
Anubis, God of the Dead, Presiding
Bastet -- Goddess of Joy and Protector of Women
Isis -- goddess of Kingship

Horus -- God of Sky, Light and Goodness
Anubis Alone --God of the Dead
Scarab -- The Good Luck Beetle
The Udjat Eye
Three Dancing Musicians
Hall of Judgement
Maat and Hathor
The Weighing of the Heart

All hand painted papyruses are approximately 9 by 12 inches,
$12.00 each, call for quantity discounts
Pack of six blank $20.00


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