Mah Jong

We offer two sets: one imported from Mainland China, and the other from Hong Kong. The one from the mainland is smaller, authentically packed in a traditional decorative cloth case, the tiles(2.4cm~1in. x 1.7cm~.625 in.) are made from bone and bamboo.  It comes with Standard Chinese rules written in English. The Hong Kong game is the practical household set with larger tiles (3cm~1.25in. x 2.2cm~1in.)  and tile trays.  It is packed in a wooden case with brass latches.

Both sets includes 136 tiles, four extra tiles in case you lose some, 120 counters, two pairs of dice (one extra) and the 4 Ming and wind discs.

Hong Kong Set Box        Mainland Set Photo

 Mainland China set (case size 12" by 7") $89.00 

Hong Kong Wooden (case size 8 1/2 by 20") $145.00

The Mah Jong craze of the twenties...(continue)
Mah-Jongg : Basic Rules & Strategies by Dieter Kohnen 
The rules are also available in According to Hoyle.

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