Egyptian Pendants

Fancy Ankh

As a symbol the Ankh points to divine eternal existence and is often referred to as the Key of Life.  The Fancy Ankh, coupled with the Scarab, for Good Luck, and the Hieroglyphic inscriptions makes this piece a an adorned Good omen Jewelry.

$35.00 Sterling silver. Made in Egypt.  2 1/4 " by 1"

Bast Cat

Bastet, Goddess of Joy, and Protector of Women

The cat, venerated in Bubastis, an old Egyptian town, northeast of the Nile Delta, was originally linked to "Sun God Re", and was attributed to Joy, Felicity and Family-closeness

$23.00 Sterling silver. Made in Egypt. 2" by 1 1/4"


The Good Luck Beetle

In ancient Egypt, the Scarab beetle was considered as the symbol of the Sun God Re and resurrection of eternal life.  Scarab amulets were very popular, carried good luck inscription, therefore Pharaohs used them as a symbol of new life and good luck.

$24.00 Sterling silver. Made in Egypt.  1 1/4" by 1 1/4"

Three Dancing Musicians

In old Egypt "dance and music" was considered as the food of the heart.  Three young women, lightly clothed in transparent banquet attire with long flowing tresses, are playing the harp, lute, and lyre.  This detailed mural is from a larger banquet scene in the famous tombs of Nakht, of the Nobles, Thebes

$23.00 Sterling silver. Made in Egypt. 2 1/4 " by 1 3/4"


The ancient Egyptian alphabet was called Hieroglyph. It consisted of 24 signs and numerous symbols for identification of various objects.  The Hieroglyphics were deciphered from the Rosetta stone found in 1799 by a French Archeologist, P.F.Bouchard

$55.00 Sterling silver. Made in Egypt. 2 1/4" by 1 1/2"


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