Espresso Cups…. For Turkish too

espresso cups
Amazing...a plain demitasse cup.  These are designed for heavy-duty use in cafes before coffee shops became fashionable. You wouldn't believe how hard they are to find, because nobody sells restaurant grade anything to the public. Most gourmet coffee shops sell over-decorated designer demitasse cups with museum scenes and small delicate handles. Too fragile for everyday use, but perfect for gathering dust on my shelf.  And besides, I have enough jazz in my life -- I don't need to look at porcelained Picasso in the morning.

Here are the truly quiet cups. A simple demitasse cup for a very simple cup of Turkish coffee. We offer two styles, both restaurant grade plain demitasse cups and saucers for Turkish or Espresso coffee. The Bistro is off white and made in China. 3.25 oz.

Bistro Set
cupside.jpg (14440 bytes)
Demitasse Spoons 4.25" long $4.99

Spoons By the Dozen

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