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Hi there...I'm not the dishwasher, I'm Mudd, the dishwasher's assistant and I'm here to tell you a little about the dishwasher. If you've been here before go ahead, ask the dishwasher a question or read the dishwasher archives

I'm sure you've had the experience of washing dishes at some point in your life. But it seems that most of us hate doing dishes, and usually in our mind we do something else while washing dishes.  Well , I sing and chant and generally raise hell.  I'm the crusader of the three compartment sink who does battle, always triumphantly, cleaning every dirty dish.

I hate those tubs of dirty dishes.

But the Dishwasher is different. She just.... washes.... dishes. She doesn't do other things to make it easier. She just washes the dishes. With grace and speed like you wouldn't believe.  She says that there are no bad dishes, just dirty and clean ones, that you can't enjoy the clean ones like I do without the dirty ones, she reminds me that if there were no dirty dishes  we wouldn't have a job. Then she goes on that life is an incredible journey that most of us miss by not being where we are.

She's right.

I would love to be somewhere else...Wouldn't you? And more..... that all travesty of mankind from wars to fights with your husbands and wives, problems with kids, depressions and gripping fear and insecurities.... all of this comes from our inability to wash dishes... But this is where she lost me. And it gets worse... she'll go on... how all of living is really learning how to die... letting go in small ways... of expectations... of judgments... and its as easy as breathing in and breathing out... or doing dishes..."that's God's grace," she says...well, too deep for me.

But she knows her stuff let me tell you. Whether it's because of the way she does dishes or maybe there's several secret Ph.D.s lurking behind those dishwashing eyes.

Believe me, whatever you need to know, just ask the dishwasher. She has her peculiarities and will have absolutely nothing to do with computers... so we'll be asking her your questions and will dictate the answers back to you via e-mail.

Won't let us take her picture either...says she doesn't look good in pictures.

So for therapy, solving your existential questions, or everyday problems, healing relationships, and learning more about doing dishes just ask the dishwasher a question

Be patient, it may take a while.
In the meantime ...go do some dishes, or read the dishwasher archives

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