Weeping Buddha Carving

Weeping Buddha Carving

I admire the weeping Buddha, a beautiful wood carving... I see a strong handsome man not hesitant to express his emotions...The feeling of warm, perfectly smooth wood... Like touching a live tree. Like touching a friend's hand... But most of all I like the weeping Buddha's concept: the world is profoundly sad, they say, and someone has to always be weeping for its sorrows, so that you can be joyful... I gave one as a gift to my son for his 16th birthday.

Hand carved in Indonesia Sizes range from the very little Buddhas to the very large 8 lbs Buddhas. The large and very impressive 8 to 10 inch carvings may have small checks as they are carved from large blocks of wood. This natural checking does not detract from the beauty of statue. If you're concerned about this please call us.

Weeping Buddha

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